Survey™ Project

Free Webapplication to Collect Data Online

The webapplication is used to create, publish and administer questionnaires, webforms and surveys online. Survey™ Project is an open source development platform to support and facilitate the development and distribution of the free webapp. 

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Web Application
It's a free, open source web application without any restrictions.

a. the webapp and survey builder
- used to create, design, publish and administer surveys, web forms and questionnaires

b. webforms, surveys & questionnaires
- the result of what is created with the webapp and published online for end-users/ respondents to answer & submit

No technical knowledge is needed to create and publish the online surveys. Helpfiles, sample surveys and movies are available to get started.
Getting Started
Steps to get started:

o Download the free Installation package.
o Follow the instructions in the Installation Guide.
o Login to Survey Project to create your first survey.
o A YouTube video and User manual are available.
You can now publish your surveys, invite people to participate and collect data to analyse and report on through SP or any other tool.

Contact the project for advise or assistance!
Development Platform
The platform is a collection of websites to support and facilitate the development and distribution of the SP™ webapplication.

SP™ is based on Microsoft technology and written in C# .NET. It requires .NET, IIS, MsSql database and SMTP.

Platform sites are this Community site, a B-to-B services site, a Test and Demo site, the Codeplex and Github download and developer sites.

Survey™ Project Test & Demo
Survey™ Project Development
Survey™ Project Business Services
Project Goals
  • Maintain an up-to-date Survey™ Project web application based upon the original Nsurvey open source code (v. 1.6 & 1.9)
  • Promote and support the use and ongoing development through the Survey™ Project websites (.net, .org, .info, .biz)
  • Secure and protect free access to all sources permanently. All published under the Open Source GNU licences.

Business Components Map of SP™ features 
SP Business Components

Instruction Videos
Open Source Software

The Survey™ Project web application is open source software to which the rules of the GNU General Public License apply. 

The main characteristic of the GPL license is that it regulates the free use and mandatory sharing and distribution of the software and sources.
UN Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

Its goals are worth promoting permanently. For and by lazy people also, check this! 
Sustainable Development
As a development platform for open source software we firmly believe in "sustainable development" as defined by the United Nations.