Survey Samples

Questionnaires & Survey Samples

Sample surveys are available on this site to demonstrate different features of SP™ and the SurveyBox module.

The SP
surveys can be viewed in two ways:
a. stand-alone - click the survey title to open in a new browser window;
b. integrated - as part of this website throught the use of an Iframe module;

This site is running on a DNN (DotNetNuke) Content Management System (CMS) installation. The sample surveys are running on a the SP™ v.2.4 webapplication that is hosted at the SP™ Demo site (

The "integrated"  (embedded) surveys throught the use of DNN Iframe modules are actually hosted and running on the SP™ Demo site but look like they are part of this site.

Two surveys are served through the SurveyBox DNN module. This DNN module is developed by the Survey™ Project for improved and further integration of SP™ features into the DNN CMS.

You can try and test the surveys by clicking on of the Samples submenu options.


1. Question Types : generic survey to demonstrate basic options (question and answer types);

2. Answer piping: survey to demonstrate question and 'answer piping' technique: previous answers used in later answers/ questions;

3. Resume progress: survey to demonstrate page navigation and options to save progress and resume survey after pauze or stop;

4. Skip logic and branching: survey to demonstrate the option so add 'branching logic' to questions: based on answers given the survey will move to another question of skip questions;

5. Multilanguage: survey demonstrating the working of multilanguage features including the option to let the respondent choose between different language options in which the survey will be presented [];

6. Click-through survey: demonstrates a (non-default) feature that was added to a question to page to the next question when clicking one of the radiobutton answers and submit the survey on the final question;

7.  Multi Media survey: demonstration of a survey making use of  (html5) movies and videos (youtube) options

8.  Results Report: demonstration of a survey including the results report option that is shown after submitting the answers

9.  Google Address: demonstration of a survey making use of the (Google) Address answertype

10.  Constant Sum survey: demonstration of a survey making use of  the Constant Sum Answer type to check a total score 

11.  Show Hide Text survey: demonstration of a surveyquestion including the option to show/ hide text on clicking a link;

SurveyBox Module

12. SurveyBox Dnn Userinfo: demonstration of SurveyBox v. 1.2 including the option to automatically get the Username and ID of a logged in user of the DNN CMS and save as surveyanswers.

13. SurveyBox DropDownList: demonstration of the SurveyBox v. 1.2 DNN Module including the option to present multiple SP surveys to answer and submit through a DDL (dropdownlist)

Should you have any interesting samples surveys you want to share with the community please contact us and submit your XML export file.