Questionnaires & Survey Samples

Currently eight different sample surveys are available through this site which is running on a DNN (DotNetNuke) Content Management System (CMS) installation. The surveys were created with the SP™ v.2.3 webapplication that is running at the SP™ Demo site (

Six of these surveys are "integrated"  (embedded) into the SP™ Community site throught the use of DNN Iframe modules. The surveys are actually hosted and running on the SP™ Demo site but look like they are part of this site. A standalone version is available on every page by clicking the Survey Title (opens in a new window).

Two surveys are served through a SurveyBox DNN module. This DNN module is developed specially by the Survey™ Project for improved and further integration of SP™ features into the DNN CMS.

You can try and test the surveys by clicking on of the Samples submenu options.


1. : survey to demonstrate basic options;

2. Answer piping: survey to demonstrate question and 'answer piping' technique: previous answers used in later answers/ questions;

3. Resume progress: survey to demonstrate page navigation and options to save progress and resume survey after pauze or stop;

4. Skip logic and branching: survey to demonstrate the option so add 'branching logic' to questions: based on answers given the survey will move to another question of skip questions;

5. Multilanguage: survey demonstrating the working of multilanguage features including the option to let the respondent choose between different language options in which the survey will be presented;

6. Click-through survey: demonstrates a non-default feature that was added to a question to move to the next question when clicking one of the radiobutton answers and submit the survey on the final question;

7. SurveyBox Dnn Modules: demonstration of a survey presented through the SurveyBox v. 1.1 DNN Module 

8. SurveyBox Dnn ModuleTest: demonstration of SurveyBox v. 1.2 including the option to automatically get the Username and ID of a logged in user of the DNN CMS and save as surveyanswers.

Should you have any interesting samples surveys you want to share with the community please contact us and submit your XML export file.