Third Party Projects

Third Party Components

List of components

- Freetextbox (up to SP v. 2.1)

FreeTextBox is the most-used HTML editor for ASP.NET. It is compatible with IE on the PC, and Mozilla and Firefox on all platforms.

- CKEditor (since SP v. 2.2)

- Webchart (up to SP 2.3) 

WebControl for creating charts, that render as images(png, jpg, gif, etc). Supports:
Line Charts, Smooth Line Charts, Column Charts, Area Charts, Scattered Charts, Stacked Column Charts, Pie Charts, Stacked Area Charts. Featuring VS.NET Designer support and more.

- Microsoft Application Blocks for .Net (up to SP v. 2.1.)
Website: click here
The Data Access Application Block is a Microsoft .NET Framework component that contains optimized data access code that can help you do the following:

- Call stored procedures.
- Issue SQL text commands against a SQL Server database.

The Data Access Application Block returns the SqlDataReader object, the DataSet object, and the XmlReader object. You can use the Data Access Application Block as a building block in your own .NET Framework-based application to reduce the quantity of custom code that you must create, test, and maintain.

- Microsoft Enterprise Library DAAB (since SP v. 2.2)

- ASTreeView component

ASTreeView is a full functional treeview control for ASP.NET with drag drop, Ajax loading, context menu, XML import/export, checkbox, selection, adding/editing/deleting nodes with Ajax.


Licenses & Permissions

The Survey™ Project Solution makes use of several components that are build and maintained by other projects or organisations (Third Parties). A sample selection of old an new is listed on this page.

Permissions to use and distribute these components as part of the SP solution are based on licenses or explicit agreements that can be found in the Instructions directories of the SP installation files.

If you find any of the licenses missing or suspect violation of any agreement please let us know and contact us at