News Flashes

' New Github repository and website for SP technical documentation '

A new Github repository and website has been created where technical documentation on SP sourcecode created by DocFx is published.

'Latest SP v2.5 Project Development changes shared'

The latest development changes by the project for SP v.2.5 have been committed to the sp_25_dev branch at the SP Github site.

'Pre Release of Surveyform & MVC Integration Guide'

Pre Release of the instruction on how to integrate the SP™ surveyform into an MVC webapplication. Written for SP v.2.5 which is not yet available for download.

'Release Statistics on SP™'

SP™ release statistics and download numbers from the Github available on this site

'Digital Object Identifier (DOI) added to SP repository'

SP now "citable" for academic reference and metrics systems by way of DOI. Go to: Zenodo SP v.2.4 DOI & Archive

'New Installation Guide and Developers Guide on SP v.2.4'

New Installation Guide and Developers Guide published at this site at Support/Helpfiles/Guides & Manuals for Administrators (Installation) and Developers (make contributions).

' Quickstart UserGuide on SP v.2.4'

New Quickstart Guide published at this site at Support/Helpfiles/Guides & Manuals for End Users to create and publish surveys.

' SurveyBox v. 1.2 DNN Module ' New SurveyBox DNN Module released. Demo and sample survey added to the list of sample surveys.

' General Data Protection Act'

What does it mean and what are the consequences to surveying!? - link



Work in Progress

List of development tasks and issues worked on by the project (*).

SP version 2.5
[Update: 2017/11/14]

- improved & adjusted errorhandling
- DLL/ Assembly namechanges: SurveyProject.[name]
- Azure compatibility
- Page Layout/ scrolling adjusted
- removing <table> structures for mobile compatibility
- New and updated Helpfiles
- Answer Field calendar: replacement of calendar object by jquery datepicker
- Slider Field completion (viewstate adjustments)
- BE project: cleaningout of files
- new initial Admin account creation
- Voter Report Edit access to respondents
- new security improvements
- text length limitation on Questions removed

*) Formal registration of task and issues at