Organisation & Projectteams

Survey™ Project is a "one man band" run by W3DevPro™. Ambitions are to get inspired people involved in a future project organisation. Should you feel inspired or challenged to contribute or fulfill one of the different positions, feel free to apply and send us a message and explain what you can do for the project:

Survey™ Project
The Future  Organisation & Setup

  Position Role

Project Board   Directing the project
  Sr. User Representative of the Community members
  Sr. Supplier Representative of the Codeplex team
Project Management   Managing the project: time, resources, scope
  Project leader 1. 1, 5, 6
  Project leader 2. 2, 3, 4
Project Teams   Managing Product Delivery
Development Teamleader 1. Software Programming & Development
  Teammember(s) Programming
    Software Configuration Management
    Release Management
Communication Teamleader 2. Communication, PR & Marketing
Design Teamleader 3. Graphics & Design
  Teammember(s) a. Project (style guide, identity)
    b. Community site
    c. Survey webapplication
Documentation Teamleader 4. Multilanguage & Translations, Documentation
Quality Assurance Teamleader 5. Testing & Quality Assurance
R&D Teamleader 6. Survey Research & Development