Academic Cooperation and FOSS project

Academic Cooperation and F/OSS projects


We have noticed there is a growing interest among academic and higher education institutions (universities/ colleges) in open source software development. Not just for making use of the OS software in the institute but several institutions have made the subjectmatter part of the curriculum of ICT related studies.

To name but a few of the examples we have found:

Department of Computer Science - Penglais Campus - Aberystwyth University - United Kingdom (England)
Département Informatique - Université du Littoral Côte d'Opale - France
Masters Degree Free Software - Universitat Oberta de Catalunya -Spain
Sciences - Universita Di Bologna - Italy

There was even a group of academic institutions who have started an open source project to create postgraduate studies on libre (free, open source) software.

Interesting POD casts from Berkely University are still available through I-tunes: 'InfoSys 296A-2 / Law276.8 Open Source Development and Distribution of Digital Information: Technical, Economic, Social, and Legal Perspectives'

MIT got involved and check YouTube for many more examples.

Quote: 'Universities develop software as an inevitable by-product of the teaching process, and since they are in the business of ‘dissemination of knowledge’, they try to disseminate it as quickly and cheaply as possible.'


The Survey Project may serve as a great case and sample F/OSS (Free Open Source Software) project. Next to offerering a usefull tool and webapplication to develop and conduct surveys and questionnaires as part of multiple fields of interest and studies the Survey Project itself is open to suggestions to investigate and examine the options to cooperate or become part of the curriculum of any F/OSS related studies.

Samples of F/OSS related fields of interest:

* Software licensing: legal and commercial aspects
* Free Software / Open Source Software (FLOSS): History and evolution
* Communities and organizations
* Costs of software solutions
* Standards in the software industry
* Commercial FLOSS: business models
* Government and NGO’s approach to FLOSS: usage and general policies (e.g. EU perspective)
* Specific FLOSS projects: case studies

Should you be interested please send us a note at (or use the contactform).