SP Guides and Manuals

Guides & Manuals
How to Create & Publish a SurveyEnd Users856.55 KB[SP 2.4] - Quickstart Guide written for End Users who are authorized to create, edit and publicize surveys and webforms. The instructions are limited to the basic features of SP™ to get started working with the application.5018
Installation GuideAdministrators1.09 MB[SP 2.4] - Installation guide for the Survey Project web application for administrators.10161
Developers GuideDevelopers1,007.50 KBGuide on making Survey Project development contributions through Github.com for programmers/ developers.6859
Database DiagramDevelopers2.30 MB[SP 2.4] - database diagram .pdf file from MS Sqlserver 2014 for programmers / developers1748
Solution Architecture & ModelDevelopers432.42 KB[SP 2.4] - Technical information on the solution model and architecture of the SP web application.25516
Survey Webform and MVC IntegrationDevelopers753.44 KB[SP 2.5] - Pre Release (!) of the instruction on how to integrate the SP surveyform into an MVC webapplication. Note: SP v2.5 not yet available for download.56160
Source Code Object DefinitionsDevelopersUnknownSP Technical documentation website on Github as generated by DocFx including Namespaces and Classes descriptions.761