Survey Project Founders

Project Founders

The current SP™ project is owned and run by W3DevPro (fka FWS™) who started it in 2009.

The project was based on NSurvey the former open source survey tool and community that was started in 2004 by Thomas Zumbrunn and came to a halt at the end of 2005.


Quotes from the early NSurvey project

" NSurvey is a free web based survey and form engine toolkit for Microsoft's .net. Written in pure managed C#, NSurvey aims anyone who needs to collect quickly valuable information from customers, visitors or employees.........."

"Thomas Zumbrunn
Thomas originally started the project and created, coded all the core engine code (.NET, SQL) of the v1.0 of NSurvey. He also created the main design of the product and administration section. .........

(c) 2004" 

Survey™ Project
Started in 2009 by FWS™.