Survey Project Organisation

Survey™ Project The Future  Organisation & Setup
  Position Role
Project Board   Directing the project
  Sr. User Representative of the Community members
  Sr. Supplier Representative of the Codeplex team
Project Management   Managing the project: time, resources, scope
  Project leader 1. 1, 5, 6
  Project leader 2. 2, 3, 4
Teams   Managing Product Delivery
Development - 1. Software Programming & Development
  Teammember(s) Programming
    Software Configuration Management
    Release Management
Communication - 2. Communication, PR & Marketing
Design - 3. Graphics & Design
  Teammember(s) a. Project (style guide, identity)
    b. Community site
    c. Survey webapplication
Documentation - 4. Multilanguage & Translations, Documentation
Quality Assurance - 5. Testing & Quality Assurance
R&D - 6. Survey Research & Development

Survey™ Project is managed by W3DevPro™ as part of a BDFL governance structure. BDFL stands for “Benevolent Dictator for Life”. Under this structure, one person (usually the initial author of the project) has final say on all major project decisions. 

The project is open to anyone interested to get involved. To get some idea of the talents needed see  the overview below.

Should you feel inspired or challenged to contribute or fulfill one of the teams or areas of expertise feel free to apply and send us a message and explain what you would like contribute to the project: