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3/18/2012 3:12 PM

Dear all,

We're proud and happy to announce the release of the final and stable version of Survey™ v. 2.0. You can download the webapplication at the downloadssection. Sources will become available a.s.a.p.

The new stable Survey™ Project version contains many new features.

Technical changes

- Use of Jquery
- ASTreeview
- Tooltips
- New menuprovider

Features & Bugfixes

Survey list and search function
Folder structure for surveys
New Menustructure
Library list
New Library fields
User list and search functions
Layout options for a survey with CSS, page header and footer
New IP filter security feature
Enhanced Token Management
New Question fields as ID, Alias, help text, group, subgroup
New Answer fields as ID and Alias
New Data Import features
Enhanced data export features
Enhanced filters
Friendly Url for surveys
Helpfiles and tooltips
Repaired Upload features

- Check the _Instructions/ ReadMe.txt file for further information.
- For SP 2.0 both Sqlserver 2008 and .NET 4.* are required.

Any comments/ reviews are most welcome! Leave your comments and reviews and help to continually improve the Survey™ tool. Feature requests and findings can be registered through the Codeplex issuetracker or leave your suggestions on one of the Community Forums.

We hope you will appreciate the many new features of the Survey tool!

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4/3/2012 11:08 PM

Great release. Major aesthetic improvements over v1.2.3

We did a clean install on our 2008 R2 server, and then successfully imported surveys.
When I went into the UI and selected Designer > Layout and was returned an error that access was denied to ~\Survey2.0\NSurveyAdmin\CSS\UserCSS\1

When I navigated to that location on the server I saw that the folder (1) did not exist, so I created it and was then able to access the Layout page.

Just FYI for future releases.

Awesome application. This open source app saved us 30k/year and has much better functionality than what we previously had...and I didn't have to write it! THANKS A TON!!!!


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4/4/2012 12:18 AM

Hello Mike,

It's great to read your enthusiasm about the application. This is the kind of uplifting response we are looking for and that keeps us motivated!

Concerning the issue, thank you for reporting, it's most welcome feedback and we will look into it a.s.a.p. Any short term fixes will be communicated throught the Codeplex site at

If you run into any other issues feel free to share them with us through these forums or the Issue tracker at Codeplex.


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1/7/2013 4:10 PM


We really want to use this release. We have ASP Net 4.0 but, only SQL Server 2005.

What specific features of SP 2.0 require 2008 R2?

If we try to implement using SQL 2005, will we fail for sure or might it work after all?

I'm willing to skip 2008 R2 features/functionality.



New Post
1/7/2013 10:40 PM

This has not been properly tested and is certainly not "officially"advised, but based on a quick try in the past it's possible to install SP 2.0 with a 2005 Database.

Try running the script to find what errors are generated. Some can be fixed (data length issues as far as I can remember).
Some errors are 2008 related, they had to do with the use of the Scalar-valued Functions. You can work around/ ignore these errors.

The effect will be that certain features of SP 2.0 will not work (check the sourcecode to find where the functions are used). The main features will be ok.

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