SurveyBox ®DNN Module

SurveyBox DNN® Module

The Survey Box DNN module offers easy integration of the Survey™ Project's front end features into the DotNetNuke® CMS to present surveys, webforms and questionnaires to DNN users, respondents and voters.

SurveyBox is an initiative by Survey™ Project and is developed by W3Devpro™.

Demo/ Samples
Sample surveys demonstrating the working of the SurveyBox are available on this website (menu Samples)

a. Save DNN Userinfo to a survey 
b. Drop Down List option to select and answer multiple surveys


The SurveyBox v. 1.2.0 is the third release of the Survey™ Project DNN module.

The SurveyBox DNN® module is designed to make surveys and webforms created through Survey™ Project accessible in an easy way through the DNN® interface by making use of DNN®'s module structure.


SurveyBox v.1.2.0 is built and tested for DNN® v. 9.* and Survey™ Project v. 2.4
It can also be used on DNN® v. 8.*

New Features & Changes

a- options to present multiple surveys in a dropdownlist (DDL) through one instance of the SurveyBox module based on a combination of (DNN) access rights and the SP user accounts.

b- option to get DNN userinfo through sessionvariables and collect and save them through the SP survey;

o Available DNN userinfo: portalid, userid, username, useremail;

o New session variable names:
- DnnPortalIDSessionValue
- DnnUserIdSessionValue
- DnnUserNameSessionValue
- DnnUserEmailSessionValue

Complete information and instructions can be found in the Documentation directory of the module.

Download & Installation

Installation of the SurveyBox module into a DNN CMS webapplication is executed throught the default DNN wizard - menu Settings/Extensons/Install Extension - and by uploading the SurveyBox Installation package.

SurveyBox Installation packages as of version 1.2 can be downloaded from the SurveyProject Github site (releases). Previous versions are available at: