Promotion Terms of Use

Promotion - Terms of Use

Services delivered as part of the promotion
- Registration of a free hosting account
- Installation and implementation of the Survey Project webapplication

- The promotion is offered as a free one time service from which no further rights (whatsover) can be claimed.
- The promotion activities can be (re)started or finished at any time at the discretion of Survey Project.
- Signing up and registration does not oblige Survey Project in any way to complete delivery of the promotional services.

- The promotion is making use of the third party (free) hosting services offered by
- Survey Project is in no way formally affiliated with
- No formal permission is asked or required from to register a free hosting subscription as offered on their site.

- To all hosting services of Gearhost's  the  Gearhost Terms of Use apply that are accepted as part of the registration for the Promotion.
- No support is offered by Survey Project in case of any issues with the hosting account and/ or Gearhost after delivery of the SP installation.
- Survey Project does make use of the referral program of to register the free hosting subscriptions.

- Full ownership of the Gearhost hosting subscription belongs to the owner of the email address to which the account is registered.
- All hosting account and SP installation details once registered and implemented are sent to the registered email address.
- Survey Project will keep no records or any information on the registered and implemented hosting account and SP installation.

- The Survey Project Webapplication v. 2.4 is delivered as is and according to the open source GNU GPL licensing rules.
- After installation no further support is delivered as part of the promotion.
- Regular options for support can be found and are offered separately at the Survey Project Community site.
- Complete access and ownership of the SP installation belongs to the owner of the emailaddress to which the hosting account is registered.