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Suppose you really like what you see, you're enthusiastic, inspired and full of ideas on how to contribute to this project, the sources, the tool, the websites, helpfiles, translations, design, graphics anything you can think of...

Don't hesitate and come and join us to make a difference.

What does it take..

- Be a team player, nice & polite, sharp and observing, questioning and critical but always in a positive and constructive way.
- Communicate much and often with the other team members.
- Share your thoughts. Don't be single minded. Discuss your ideas regularly.

And that's it! It's not just a matter of coding bits and bytes. Any community needs support on all levels. You can become a regular supporter, an avid user of the tool sharing your experiences through the forums. Register at this site now and show up on the world wide members map below.

Become a Project Teammember

Of course we need some specific talents and expertise as well to make this a flourishing community and succesful project. Do you have the skills we're looking for? 

To decide on what would be the best position on the team we've setup a short survey (surprising?!) to match our needs and your qualities.

You can find it at: the following page - just click.

If you send us your answers we will let you know as soon as possible if we think we've got a match!

Teammember Benefits
- You will have access to the intranet pages of this site where each projectteam is facilitated to cooperate and communicate more easily (separate forums, documentsharing, mailing, memberlists).
- Teammembers who actually contribute in any form will get recognition through the project sites (Community or Codeplex).
- And of course there's the satisfaction of becoming part of a growing community of like minded people 'on a mission!'


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