About FWS™ and W3DevPro™

Fryslan Webservices™ (FWS) is the web presence of an internet publishing male private person born in Fryslan and based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. On May 26th 2016 FWS formally registered the W3DevPro company with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

FWS has been active on the web since 1997 and worked with the DotNetNuke® CMS since Dec. 2003. Through the (formerly Visual Basic - now C#) open source DNN project the (C#) open source Nsurvey project was discovered in 2004.

For a short time both projects seemed to cooperate well on the development of a DNN based Nsurvey module. Unfortunately Nsurvey went commercial and the DNN module version of Nsurvey never made it.

In an attempt to revive the former open source Nsurvey project and to bring about the DNN/ Nsurvey integration that never was (but should have been) former sources as collected in previous years were published through the Codeplex website and a new Survey™ Project version was built based on the Nsurvey version (1.6) initially.

Meanwhile great progress has been made on Survey Project and the SurveyBox DNN module.

Through the W3DevPro™ company FWS will keep on promoting, coordinating and managing the further progress of the Survey Project. Hopefully with the support and enthousiasm of many open source and SurveyProject followers.

For more information go tohttp://www.w3devpro.com