Platform for Developing Free Software to Collect Data Online

Introduction: "What is it?"

A Web Application

It's a free, open source webapplication without any restrictions on usage or application.

a. the webapp
- this is where you create, design, publish and administer surveys, webforms, and questionnaires

b. the webforms, surveys & questionnaires
- this is the result of what you've created with the webapp and is published online for end-users/ respondents to answer & submit

No technical knowledge is needed to create and publish the online surveys. Helpfiles, sample surveys and movies are available to get started.


A Development Platform

The platform is a collection of websites to support and facilitate the development and distribution of the SP™ webapplication. Part of is are this Community site, a B-to-B site, a Test and Demo site, the Codeplex and Github sites.

Project Goals

  • Create and maintain an up-to-date Survey™ Project web application based upon the original Nsurvey open source code (v. 1.6 & 1.9)
  • Promote and support the use and continued development through the Survey™ Project websites (.net, .org, .info, .biz)
  • Secure and protect free access to all sources permanently. All published under the Open Source GNU licences.


  • Grow a large userbase and community of ardent supporters, followers and contributors to the project based on shared values, ideals and interests
  • Integrate SP with the open source DotNetNuke CMS through the SurveyBox DNN module


What's next?

  • Continued support and development of the SP™ webapplication and the SurveyBox - DNN module,
  • The next release (work in progress) - click SP™ v2.5 Development to read about the new content at Github.
  • Applying the OWASP Application Security Verification Standard. Read more.
  • Creating new userguides & manuals and add  more SP 2.* instruction videos on YouTube including subtitles to explain and demonstrate the working of the webapplication.

Latest News

2018/01/17 "Availability Sample Surveys" and demo site unstable due to Hosting Issues at - Problems reported and worked on.

2018-01-04:  NEW - SSRS reports repository published @ as part of SP v. 2.5

2017-12-11:  Developers Update - Latest SP v.2.5 changes committed to Github & sources available for download

2017-11-14: SP™ Technical Documentation website published at Github

2017-07-28: NEW Guides & Manuals for End Users, Administrators and Developers available for download

2017-07-03: NEW SurveyBox v.1.2 DNN Module released

NEW SP™ 2.4 Release available for download [2017-04-27 - Dutch KingsDay] 

2017-04-28: try the new SP™ v. 2.4 yourself at the Demo site




Donations & Sponsors

The donations will be used to finance running the Survey™ Project:

- development
- support
- project management and infrastructure

You can make your donations via Paypal:

    Survey Project Paypal Donations

If you appreciate it, we can add your name / company on one of our webpages.

Sponsors & Advertisements

You can contact the Survey™ Project to sponsor the projects activities or place your advertisements on the Community site.

Send us your mail at: or use the Contact form.

Social Media

UN Goals

UN Sustainable Development Goals

As a development platform for open source software we firmly believe in "sustainable development" as defined by the United Nations.

Its goals are worth promoting permanently. For and by lazy people also, check this!

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