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Recruiting active & enthusiastic project members:

- C# .NET experts & developers
- webapplication architects
- web & graphics designers
- communication experts
- test experts
- translators
- documentation writers
- survey researchers
Survey Hands Unite
We are looking for people inspired by the goals of the project. If you have experience in any field that may contribute to the development of the Survey Webapplication or serving the open source project and Survey Community....

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Latest News

2014-08-20: Test & Demo network on SP v. 2.3 BETA

2014-01-15: New! Survey v. 2.2 - SQL (alpha) available for download!

2013-12-20: Survey Project v. 2.2  Final release available
for download

New Business Services website started

2012-06-11 : Survey™ 2.0 added to the MS Windows Web App Gallery


  • Development has started on SP™ v 2.2 - SQL: This new branch of SP™ will be a combination of SP™ 2.2 and an additional set of SQL Web tools based on the (Ms-PL) open source code published in 2006 at Codeplex.

  • SP™ v. 2.3 including Bootstrap for surveys on Mobile devices and a complete overhaul of the admin tool GUI.

The Survey™ Project

  • Survey™ is a free web based survey and (data entry)forms toolkit for processing & gathering data online.
  • Survey™ is ideal for anyone who needs to collect valuable information from customers, visitors or employees efficiently.
  • Survey™ is a constantly evolving webapplication written in ASP.NET and C#.
  • It's easy to add new types of questions or answers because of it's object oriented and modular architecture.
  • The Survey™ project is a restart of the open source websurvey solution NSurvey: "The web survey and form engine".
  • Survey™ is based on versions 1.6 and 1.9 as written in C# by Thomas Zumbrunn, Copyright (c) 2004/2005.

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- Share the original Nsurvey open source code (v. 1.6 & 1.9)
- Further the development of the original Nsurvey solution
- Create an up-to-date standalone Survey™ webapplication
- Create new DNN Survey™ modules for the DotNetNuke web content management platform
- All published under GNU licences






Donations & Sponsors

The donations will be used to finance the Survey™ project:

- development
- support
- project management and infrastructure

You can make your donations via Paypal:

  Survey Project Paypal Donations

If you appreciate it, we can add your name / company on our Donation Acknowledgements pages.

Sponsors & Advertisements

You can contact the Survey™ Project to sponsor the projects activities or place your advertisements on the Community site.

Send us your mail at: or use the Contact form.