Get a Free SP™ Webapplication

Become the owner of a full featured installation of SP™ v. 2.4

* Free hosting account included.
* Ready to use in a few hours.
* Complete ownership and no costs involved.




  • Unrestricted, full featured installation of SP™ v. 2.4
  • Free cloud based web hosting account including Mssqlserver database
  • Personalised [subdomain] name to access SP™ and surveys
  • Credit on hosting account: $10,- (for future use of extended service - no charges made in any way now)
  • Exclusive and complete ownership of and access to both SP and hosting account


  • a valid email address - for registering and activating the hosting account
  • choose subdomain name - for new hosting account (e.g. URL: [yoursubdomainname]
  • acceptance of terms of use of hosting provider
  • acceptance of terms for this promotional action


Follow up
- On receipt of your application a [free] hosting account will be created based on the email address you sent.
- Next you will receive an activation email to confirm the registration
- Forward (!) this email to
- On receipt of the activation email the remaining actions will be taken care by SP.
- On completion you will receive an email message at the initial address including all details on access and usage.

Sign Up

Steps to take
1. Send a valid email address and [preferred] subdomain name
2. Accept the terms for the hosting acount and this promotion


A DEMO Installation with limited features is available at:


Technical Details

Download -  documentation

Hosting details
o Shared Cloud Hosting through based on a [free] subscription
o .NET, full trust and Mssqlserver supported
o Storage/ diskspace: 100 MB
o Mssqlserver 2016 Database size: 10 MB
o Bandwidth: 1 Gig.

* Account upgradeable (without downtime) to [paid] larger subscriptions

SP v. 2.4 Details
o DB size 6 mb
- data 2344
- index 1608
- reserved 4288
- unsused 336

o File sizes
- 27 mb – sp 2.4