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About the Survey™ Helpfiles

These Survey™ online Helpfiles have been written to assist users of all levels with using, creating and maintaining Survey™ forms or questionnaires. From site visitors, to Survey™ Takers and Administrators through to Technicians and Developers, this manual provides instructions on how to set-up, create and maintain one or more surveys using the Survey™ Webapplication.

All helpfiles include step-by-step details on how to perform a task using clear and basic language. Some helpfiles include one or more full color screen captures of the task being completed, as well as tips for Administrators and Technicains on how to configure Survey™ to enable the task. Where a Bug is discovered in Survey™ during testing and writing up this manual, a bug note is noted.

The Survey™ Online Helpfiles are written and updated by the Surveyproject Community for the Survey project. This content is freely available from the Online Help Wiki of the Surveyproject website.

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