Survey Project System Requirements

Survey Project tries to make use of the latest version of freely available and/ or open source software for both Use and Development. New versions of SP will make use of new versions of the list of software and tools mentioned below.

Note: latest SP version
- MsSqlserver 2012 based
- .NET 4.5

Survey Project v. 2.*  requires the following components:

For Use

Windows Operating Systems
Windows 2008
Windows 7
Windows 2008 R2

Web Server
Microsoft IIS 7.0, 7.5

Database Server

Microsoft SQL Server 2012
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express

.NET Framework

Smtp mailserver or mailserver account

Recommend Components
Windows Server 2008 R2
IIS 7.5
SQL Server 2012
.NET Framework 4.5

For Development

- .Net framework 4.* or higher
- IIS 7.* or higher
- MsSqlserver 2012 database
- Smtp mailserver account
- Windows Operating System
- MS Visual Web Developer 2013 Express

- SandCastle Helpfiles
- FxCop
- StyleCop

Note: Click here for free MS web development tools downloads suited to work on the Survey Webapplication.