System Requirements

One of the goals of the project is to make use of the latest version of freely available and/ or open source software to build and run SP™. For both regular use (administration tool and answering surveys) and development SP™ tries to keep up to date with the latest developments.

To make use of the SP™ webapplication check the general list of requirements below.

New or adjusted requirements for a particular version of SP™ are described in the Readme.txt files of an installation package and on the downloads page at Github or Codeplex.

Regular Use

SP™ webapplication

Server, PC or Laptop

Windows Operating Systems
- client or server OS

Web Server
- Microsoft IIS 
- .NET Framework

Database Server
- Microsoft SQLserver (Express or Enterprise version)

Smtp mailserver or mail account

- tested on: Chrome, Firefox, MSExplorer/Edge

SP™ Surveys & Webforms

- tested on: Chrome, Firefox, MSExplorer/Edge

- limited options only for offline answering of surveys

- PC/ Laptop/ Tablet/ Mobile
- Older mobile devices not supported, new(er) devices may experience (caching) issues in case of limited resources (memory, diskspace etc.)


- PC, Laptop or Server
- Windows Operating System
- .Net framework
- IIS webserver
- MsSqlserver database
- Smtp mailserver account

- MS Visual Studio (Community Edition)

Note: Click here for free MS web development tools downloads suited to work on the SP™ webapplication.