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two types of piping

When you create a form you can insert user's answers into the text of questions, answer choices or as a default text infield type answer.

You have two types of piping. 
1) Piping of selection answers
2) Piping of text entries
An answer can only be pipe from a question that was answered on a previous page and the pipe alias must always be enclosed between [[]] eg: [[yourpipealias]].
Lets see two examples on how to achieve this.
1) Piping of selection answers
The first thing to do is go to the edition page of the question you whish to pipe the user selection from.
There you can set an "pipe alias" for the question. Its recommended even if supported to keep the pipe alias short, without special chars or spaces and that you keep an unique alias across your survey. Multiple selection will be separated by a "," and an "and" eg:
How old are you ?
1) 20 years
2) 40 years
Once you've set a pipe alias you can reuse it in any subsequent pages questions be it the main question text, answer text or even in the default text values of fields. Here is how a piped question that would use the previous questions answers would looks like :
[[yourpipealias]] is an amazing age, dont you think ?
1) Yeah I hope I will never be older than [[yourpipealias]]
2) [[yourpipealias]] suxx
In order to use the pipe alias in answer texts just go to the answer edition page and change the answer description and add the alias to it.
2) Piping of user field entries
The piping rules to get an previous page question field entries of an user are almost the same that in 1. The only difference is that you must set the piping alias on the text field. Just go to the answer edition page, choose the answer field to edit, there you can set a "pipe alias" an re-use it the same way we did in the selection answers example.

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