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Latest News

2016-11-02: New SP 2.* Instruction Videos

2016-07-01: SP 2.4 Beta Testing started (code at

2016-03-08: Blog SP on Apprenda (PaaS)

2014-09-26:  SP™ v. 2.3 Release available for download

2014-09-21: New SurveyBox v. 1.1 DNN Install released

2014-09-21: SurveyBox DNN module Demo page

: Test & Demo network on SP™ v. 2.3

2014-01-15: Survey v. 2.2 - SQL (alpha) available for download!

What's next?

  • Continued development of the SP™ maintool,   SP™ v 2.2 - SQL and the SurveyBox v.1.0 - DNN module,

  • Making gradual progress on SP™ v. 2.4. Submit your contributions and suggestions through the Forums!

  • Adding more SP 2.* instruction videos on YouTube including subtitles to explain and demonstrate the working of the SP tool.

Survey™ Project

SP v. 2.3

  • Survey™ Project is a free open source webapplication.
  • Survey Project is used to create, publish and administer webbased surveys and webforms.
  • Survey™ Project is easy to use.
  • Survey™ Project is ideal to collect information online efficiently.
  • Survey™ Project is a constantly evolving webapplication.
  • Survey Project is written in ASP.NET and C# using an MsSqlserver database.
  • Survey™ Project is build upon NSurvey by Thomas Zumbrunn, Copyright (c) 2004/2005.
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Primary Goals
- Create and maintain an up-to-date Survey™ Project webapplication based upon the original Nsurvey open source code (v. 1.6 & 1.9)
- Promote and support the use and continued development through the Survey Project websites (.net, .org, .info)
- Secure and protect free access to all sources permanently. All published under the Open Source GNU licences.

- Grow a large userbase and community of ardent supporters, followers and contributors to the project based on shared values, ideals and interests
- Integrate SP with the open source DotNetNuke CMS through the SurveyBox DNN module


Donations & Sponsors

The donations will be used to finance the Survey™ project:

- development
- support
- project management and infrastructure

You can make your donations via Paypal:

  Survey Project Paypal Donations

If you appreciate it, we can add your name / company on our Donation Acknowledgements pages.

Sponsors & Advertisements

You can contact the Survey™ Project to sponsor the projects activities or place your advertisements on the Community site.

Send us your mail at: or use the Contact form.