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7/30/2016 12:13 PM

Survey Project has been making use of the Arvixe Hosting services for a few years. For one the SP test and demo sites are running from their servers.

Technically Arvixe offers great features at low prices that are ideal for non profit/ open source projects like SP. However low prices come at a cost. Approximately since 2015 Arvixe seems out of control in different respects.

The number of technical problems/ outages on their servers have risen dramatically. This conclusion is based on experience with the number of issues SP has met. Their official server status page (https://status.arvixe.com/) does not even come close to mentioning every disruption (as confirmed by support "short lasting" (= several hours) outages are not mentioned).

Following this is a complete collapse of their support services. While they keep up an extensive first line of defense with ticket bureaucracy and useless chat options no real problems are being solved timely by the technical admins. All effort seems to go into getting servers up in the first place.

This situation has been going on for almost a year (see their own blogs: https://support.arvixe.com/index.php?/News/NewsItem/View/172/thank-you-for-your-patience) and no progress has been made. On the contrary service levels are sinking further sub-zero if possible at all.

Its a pity see a company go down soon probably if no action is taken (we're certainly considering leaving). How difficult can it be to get some decent management (sack current irresponsible people) invest in quality admins and cut the first line support BS.

Why waste time on sinking ship you might ask? First of all we're still sympathetic to the original setup and products/ services of Arvixe. There's still some (faint) hope to turn the situation around.

Also SP visitors/ users should know what's keeping the project from making faster progress or offering maximum services.

Finally it's messages like this that will hopefully reach the responsible people/ owners to start making improvements and warn new customers to be aware of what they are getting into with Arvixe hosting (current reviews way out of date and not representative).

To illustrate a (real live) common chat experience: after a 10 - 15 minutes wait on the chatbox

10:41:15 AM
Hello X, Welcome to Arvixe live chat. I apologize for the wait time. My name is K.

10:41:45 AM
Hello, hope you can help with the question I submitted

[Note: submit ticketnr + supportcode beforehand in chat or they will ask for it and take another 15 min.]

10:43:44 AM
Can you please hold 4-5 minutes while I check this for you.

10:43:59 AM
yes please

10:58:22 AM
Thank you for holding. I apologize for that wait.

10:58:42 AM
thats ok

11:00:00 AM
I do apologize apologize for the inconvenience that caused to you.

11:00:39 AM
I have passed your ticket to our senior admin. Once the issue is resolved you will receive a reply via email.

11:02:25 AM
that doesnt sound good considering the experience with previous answers like that, there's another ticket waiting for weeks now. 
Can you confirm that there is a problem with the petunia server for remote connections?

11:09:42 AM
I can understand your concern.I do not have complete access to fix this issue from my end.
I have asked our senior admin to take care of this issue.

11:10:10 AM
Once the issue is resolved you will receive a reply from our senior admin.

11:11:42 AM
I know you're repeating yourself.
Is there an issue with petunia in general or am I the only one is what I would like to know. 
If you can tell me that. Otherwise I will wait (weeks?) for a solution from the Sr. Admin.

11:18:56 AM
I could see that there is server issue, we are aware of it. 
Our server admins are working on this issue and making every effort to bring the server back online and restore all the services.
Your patience and cooperation is highly appreciated in this regard.

11:20:32 AM
ok thats some usefull info at least. 
Please add it to the server status page it will save you a lot of time and calls. 
Thanks for now and if you can get my other ticket fixed it would be amazing. 
Bye for now.

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